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In the neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Ty Segall’s new punk band, Goggs played in Brooklyn for the first time on July 22 along with locals Cheena and Surfbort.


Cheena is Walker Behl, Margaret Chardiet, Keegan Dakkar, Logan Montana, and Eugene Terry.



Surfbort is Dani Miller – vocals, Alex Kilgore – guitarist, Sean Powell – drummer and Charlie Wimberley – guitarist/vocals



With Bully and Big Ups.


The ZZZ’s at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint on 4/29/2015


The ZZZ’s at Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Greenpoint on 5/1/2015

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The ZZZs at the Delancey in Manhattan on 5/5/2015

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The ZZZs at the Grand Victory in Williamsburg 5/6/2015

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Videos of A Place to Bury Strangers with White Suns.