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Ai Weiwei returned to New York late last year in four separate galleries—Mary Boone (midtown and Chelsea), Lisson (also in Chelsea), and Deitch Projects (Soho). His project that focused on the refugee crisis.



Victor Moscoso:

Psychedelic Drawnings 1967-1982

at Andrew Edlin Gallery in Chelsea March 24, 2015


IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7522 IMG_7521 IMG_7342 IMG_7389 IMG_7391


Live in the Marlin Room at Webster Hall on March 28, 2015

IMG_4878 IMG_4888 IMG_4875

Joseph Beuys: Multiples

at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Chelsea March 24, 2015

IMG_7530 IMG_7531 IMG_7528 IMG_7525 IMG_7529 IMG_7526 IMG_7527 IMG_7464 IMG_7462 IMG_7461 IMG_7458

Perfect Pussy

Live In the Marlin Room at Webster Room March 28, 2015

IMG_4887 IMG_7630 IMG_4804 IMG_4813