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Land Art deals with concepts that link works of art with Earth. Area 51 deals with concepts that link alien visitations with Earth. It is interesting to note that land artist Michael Heizer’s top secret project lifelong project “City” is less than 50 miles from the top secret facility of Area 51.

“Heizer’s project is actually a landing field for future UFOs, man!” ;P

I left Las Vegas (with my dad) heading north and took the cheesy titled Extraterrestrial Highway to get there. Watching the temperatures drop from 50f to 8f, we arrived in the tiny town of Rachel in the middle of the snow covered high desert and pulled into the Little A’Le’Inn for a great cup of coffee, homemade pie and conversation with the local ladies that ran it.

The signs of cow crossings with hovering UFOs seemed funny until we drove by a few dead frozen cows on the side of the road. That put a spiked the heebee-jeebees meter. Finally, I went on my own to the main entrance of the secret base so now I can say I was there.

Note: The paper on the ceiling of Little A’Le’Inn is signed money.


During my trip to visit my family in Las Vegas I decided to find Michael Heizer’s Double Negative Land Art piece (since Heizer’s City is still closed to the public). It was only two hours north of Vegas in an area my sister and her husband referred to as “Bundy Country,” and at the time the Bundy Oregon Standoff story was still a thing. I wasn’t too worried about that, just concerned about the rain that occurred two days previous that might have made the unpaved roads muddy and I was using my rental car (a Hyundai) . There were some mud run off and I almost got stuck on my way back because of the squished mud created by a huge double trailer dump truck that passed before I got there but I made it.

The trenches of Double Negative are still there, the surrounding area is beautiful in February, and it is worth a visit for any fan of Land Art.

Note: Because I took a regular car I had to park and walk the last 1.2 miles to reach it because the so called road that goes to it isn’t really a road but a path created by and made for four wheelers or ATVs. Discovering it by hiking to it turned out to be more thrilling.



With Bully and Big Ups.