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Today on Shameless Self Promotion, we will be talking about SUMMRALL DAZE, a story about three time traveling students who go back to the 20th Century to attend some of the greatest rock concerts of all time. The book, which is written by author Robert Mizaki, is scheduled to come out in this time period. In the studio, we have Helios Klukus, one of the main characters of SUMMERALL DAZE to talk about the book.

SSP: Welcome to the 21st Century Mr. Klukus.

Helios:  Dude, first of all just call me Helios, I don’t go by that other name.  Second, you said that you wouldn’t mention the 21st Century. I can’t let anyone find out that I came to this century to promote the book, especially Ethan and Jules.

SSP:  Ethan and Jules from the book?

Helios: Yeah, they are like my supporting cast. The story is really about me.

SSP: According to the agent queries, it is about “Ethan Wells, a student of Temporal Studies at a school called Summerall who is interested in one thing, attending the greatest rock concerts of the 20th Century.”

Helios: Yeah well maybe that’s why there have been so many rejections so far, because the author isn’t acknowledging the real star of the story, me. After all, I’m the one who came up with the idea of checking out the greatest rock concerts of the 20th Century.  If it wasn’t for me, this would have been just another one of your run of the mill time travel stories.

SSP: So what happens in the story?

Helios:  Without giving away any spoilers, I attend some of the most awesome concerts by some the greatest bands of the 20th Century, and meet some awesome babes along the way.

SSP: Who do you see?

Helios: Dude, check it out. I like get to see Led Zeppelin on June 6, 1969 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true!

SSP: You have a nice singing voice.

Helios: Yeah, that’s what I think too. The author promised to write a spinoff story about me headlining my own band, or at least he should.

SSP: Who else do you see?

Helios:  Pink Floyd in the Seventies, U2 in the Eighties, and Nirvana in the Nineties.  They were all my picks.

SSP: The query mentions something about a sinister plot to use the three students to change history and erase Summerall. That is referring to you, Jules, and Ethan Wells, right?

Helios: Mainly me, I’m supposed to save the world but I don’t remember anything about it.  I’m sure it’s just a minor subplot.  Does it mention me driving around LA in a classic Volkswagen convertible, slam dancing in the pit at a club in Detroit, or picking up some hot looking girls in the West Country of England?

SSP: Not really.

Helios: Who the hell is in charge of promotion around here?

SSP: It also mentions that in order to save the school and fix the timeline, Ethan must allow a tragic event in Rock n Roll history to occur.

Helios: It’s always about Ethan. Ethan saves this. Ethan does that. Ethan gets the hot warrior babe. I’m really getting sick of it. That’s why the next book, Captain Helios & His Magic Band, will be mostly about me.

SSP: Isn’t it Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band?

Helios:  Whatever.

SSP:  Thank you for taking time with us for this interview.

Helios:  Dude, did I come off sounding stupid? Let’s do this again. I’ll see you five minutes ago.

Ohio Kindness

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Pizza Bones
While waiting for a table at a coffee shop in Oberlin yesterday we noticed that one of two students leaving had left his wallet on his chair and call out to him. “Oh my god, you saved my life,” he said. As they left, his friend said, “That’s Ohio kindness for you. Can you imagine someone in California doing something nice like that? They would just take it over there.” I called out and said, “Excuse me, we’re from San Francisco.” “Oh,” his friend said with an enormous grin under befuddled eyes.